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From this extensive research, the GO project produced a groundbreaking report called A Research Report on Online Learning for Canadian Literacy Practitioners”. Our report was released in October 2008 and overviews the trends identified through our national research into online learning in Canada. It includes:

  • Research methodologies and initial findings
  • Current methods of delivering online learning
  • Successes and innovative approaches to online learning
  • Online learning technologies
  • Effective techniques for introducing online learning
  • Differences between face-to-face and online learning
  • Evaluation methods and results for online learning
  • Perceptions of the future of online learning

In addition to circulating a printed version of the GO research report to key stakeholders, our report was also posted online at the National Adult Literacy Database (NALD). NALD tracks resources downloaded from its website and prepares a “Top 20 Downloads from the NALD Collection” each month. The GO research report has made NALD's “Top 20s” list each month since it was posted online. Here are the very impressive statistics from NALD relating to the GO research report:

  • November 2008 = 8,074 downloads
  • December 2008 = 9,402 downloads
  • January 2009 = 3,958 downloads
  • February 2009 = 2,048 downloads

This means that the GO research report was freely downloaded a total of 23,482 times between November 2008 and February 2009. That certainly demonstrates the wide interest in online learning and is a clear example of effective knowledge transfer!

The GO research report can be accessed as a PDF document at

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