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The Getting Online Project was innovative in many ways. One innovative aspect was our pan-Canadian team. The project brought together a team of experienced, skilled literacy educators from Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland, and Ontario. Our team had both experience in and a passion for literacy and online education.

We asked our team what they liked best about their involvement with the GO Project and here is what they had to say:

  • "I love the cross Canada team of literacy based researchers/writers/facilitators we have put together for the GO Project. Our different backgrounds and experience give the Project a richness and validity that I find quite irresistible. Collaborating with this dynamic team is really productive, stimulating - and fun!" (Deborah Morgan)
  • "The GO project has been an exciting opportunity to explore distance education with the literacy community. It's been really interesting to note the keen interest that people have in learning more about using online and distance learning technology for professional development." (Lynn Best)
  • "The GO project has provided me with an opportunity to explore the many exciting and innovative ways that organizations, large and small, are involved in e-learning in every province and territory in Canada, as well as internationally." (Vicki Trottier)
  • "I'm thrilled to be researching all of the many ways online learning is allowing people to more easily access training. It feels like a ‘brave new world' where people can more easily learn and share across vast distances." (Joanne Kaattari)
  • "I like the national perspective. Often, literacy is more regional and this is a great chance to learn about the bigger national picture. I am most looking forward to the research results and learning how people are using online learning and what they perceive the barriers to be." (Dr. Pat Fahy)
  • "I have enjoyed having conversations with literacy workers in Canada and learning about the amazing things that are happening in literacy across this country. For me this research is a chance to learn, reflect and share what is happening in online learning in the literacy field with people who are hungry for that information. It is an exciting project and I am learning way more than I ever thought I would. That's what makes research fun!" (Diana Twiss)

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