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Online Content

Developing Online Content

Once you have made some decisions about how the overall design of your content (synchronous or asynchronous, accredited or informal learning, the length of your training, the learning outcomes, whether or not to charge a fee and other decisions about participant needs, organizational capacity and technology as discussed in the first section of this module) you will need to create that content.

There are two general approaches that you can take when creating content for your online training. You can either create new content “from scratch”, or you can adapt existing content that was developed for traditional face-to-face training. Whichever approach you are using there are a few important things to keep in mind. The most important thing is that even though you will be working online, probably with some creative and exciting software and technology, you are still delivering training. The content (i.e. the training) is the most important thing, the technology is secondary. In other words, your training is first and foremost about delivering content, it is not about the technology. Use the features and creativity that online technologies offer to enhance your training but don't let technology overshadow or get in the way of the training.

It is also important to remember that creating online content doesn't simply mean taking existing content and simply uploading it as a text document or a PowerPoint presentation. As we mentioned at the beginning of this module, delivering online training is different from delivering face-to-face training, and you will have to adapt the way you do some things. So, while you may know the content you want to deliver, you will need to organize it differently, and you will also have to create and use activities differently than you would in a face-to-face setting.

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