Getting Online: The GO Project


Overview of Online Learning


Online learning is becoming an important and increasingly popular way for Canadians to pursue their formal education, get professional accreditation or learn a new skill. In just a few short years, many new technologies have been developed that have added to the exciting and interesting possibilities for creatively delivering online learning. Not only have these technologies allowed for new ways of delivering content, but they have also made it possible for virtually any type of learning to be offered online. The possibilities are many, and organizations large and small are taking advantage of them and becoming involved in online training.

The Getting Online project team conducted unprecedented national research into the state of online learning in the Canadian literacy community and in similar fields of practice and discovered that it is thriving and growing. As with any emerging field, organizations delivering online learning have encountered some challenges along the way, but overall have received strong positive results for the learning opportunities they have delivered to date. Using feedback and evaluations from their experiences to date, these organizations are looking forward to a bright future and are continuing to enhance and expand the online learning they provide.

The Canadian literacy community and education sector is like many other communities in Canada and around the world. They are exploring the increasingly creative learning and teaching opportunities offered by online learning and they are taking advantage of that technology to deliver excellent learning content.

Additionally, as Canadians become more familiar and increasingly comfortable with technology (in particular the evolving Web 2.0 tools), they will continue to embrace online learning as an option.

The Internet is a powerful learning tool. It’s not an option to not do online training today. People go to the Web for information. If you want to participate in today’s world, you need an online presence.

Respondent to the GO survey

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