Getting Online: The GO Project




That brings us to the end of the GO project's informative tour of some of the most popular technologies used for online learning. We hope we've given you a concrete and helpful picture of some of the technologies that are currently available, sample applications of these technologies, and links and resources to further extend your learning.

We hope we have also given you inspiration and confidence: inspiration to see that technology can be a wonderful tool for learning and that it is constantly evolving in ways that can enhance the learning experience and engage participants on deeper levels and confidence to experiment with these exciting technologies.

And remember, if some of the new technology seems daunting, there is always help available as this fun YouTube video about a Medieval technical support help desk will show you:

Technology offers so many opportunities and continually brings exciting new ways that we can communicate with each other, share and learn. We will end this Technology web-based training module with the words of one of the participants in the Getting Online research project “the sky is the limit with online learning technologies”!

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