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Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter (formerly Breeze Presenter) allows you to easily create online presentations from existing PowerPoint presentations. Presenter is part of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. With Presenter, you can personalize, narrate and deliver online presentations that can be shared over the Internet or via CD or DVD. Using your existing PowerPoint presentations as the base, with Presenter, you can add audio/video streaming, graphics, quizzes, surveys, and various other multimedia content. You can narrate your presentation and upload it to the web or copy it to a CD or a DVD.

The cost of Presenter varies between private sector, not-for-profit, educational and government rates. Contact Adobe for more information on pricing.

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Technology in Action

You could use Presenter to create and deliver presentations over the Internet. For example, you could create a presentation to provide initial orientation to tutors. You could then e-mail tutors this presentation to listen to in the comfort of their homes. Or, for those who do not have computers, you could copy the presentation to a CD for tutors to listen to at home or at the literacy office. More in-depth training could then be provided to tutors at a later date during a face-to-face training event.

Here is an example of Presenter. It is a presentation by Karin Sherrill from Mesa Community College on “Cardiac Dysrhythmias”:

Another sample use of Presenter is Melanie Kroening from Mesa Community College presenting on “Improper Fractions” at:

(Source: Both of these presentations were found on the website of the University of Minnesota.)

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