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WebEx (, owned by Cisco Systems, was another commercial online learning platform mentioned by several larger organizations in the GO external research. WebEx offers a variety of services, including web meetings and webinars.

Online meetings (or web conferences) allow participants to meet online, in real time, with other people from literally around the corner or around the globe from the comfort of their own computer. Please click on this link to access FAQs about WebEx and information about online web meetings:

A webinar is short for a “web-based seminar”. A webinar is delivered over the Internet and can be a presentation, workshop or other online session. Typically, a webinar is interactive between presenter and participant and amongst participants. For more information on webinars through WebEx, click here:

Other WebEx products include “WebOffice” which allows you to share documents, data, calendars and other office applications from anywhere and “MeetMeNow” which allows you to hold online meetings, make presentations, and review documents collaboratively.

WebEx is a commercial application, but it has solutions and prices designed for individual users as well as small/medium and large sized businesses and organizations. For more information on WebEx, please visit their website at:

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Technology in Action

You could use WebEx to host an online meeting of literacy practitioners in your region or province to discuss the latest developments in adult education. Or, a provincial literacy coalition with directors located in diverse areas of their province could host an interactive online board meeting using WebEx.

Further, a literacy organization with an expertise in plain language (or any other topic) that wanted to offer a training seminar on plain language principles could offer this seminar to literacy practitioners across the country as an online webinar via WebEx.
The following link overviews how the Faculty of Medicine of the University of British Columbia's used WebEx to provide ongoing education to medical professionals:

As well, Imagine Canada (formerly the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy) has used WebEx to offer “Sector Casts” on a variety of topics of interest to the voluntary sector.

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