Getting Online: The GO Project


Tips for Online Learners

Dos and Don'ts

Don't …

  • … give up right away. If you are struggling with online learning, try a different format. If you find you aren't logging in regularly to an asynchronous course, try signing up for something that requires you to be online at a specified time.

  • … think that online learning means you have to sit in front of the computer or watch videos for hours on end. You can usually print out lessons or other documents that you can read and review away from your computer. Online training events increasingly include highly engaging components such as YouTube videos, podcasts, online quizzes, etc. to break up your time and engage you in the learning process. And of course you can always take a break and come back in a few minutes.

  • … give up if the technology isn't working. When we use technology sometimes there are technical problems. If you can't log in to your course, webinar or podcast, try again in a couple of hours. If clicking on a link doesn't work, try to cut and paste the URL into your web browser. Restart your computer. Usually, technical problems are only temporary and will resolve themselves. Access technical support (if available). Ask a friend or colleague for help. Most software is now designed to be fairly intuitive. Take a break and look carefully at your screen for clues. If all else fails, ask a teenager!

  • … take written comments personally. Remember that it can be difficult to convey tone in writing. With online learning, we don't always have the ability to look at someone's facial expression or hear their voice to help us interpret their words.

  • … get discouraged. You are trying something new, be patient and expect a learning curve. And give yourself a pat on the back for engaging in something new!

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