Getting Online: The GO Project


Trends in Online Learning

Sharing of Promising Practices

“I also think we need to creatively find ways to profile the positive results of online initiatives. That will heighten our understanding not only of how to use it, but how it is contributing to our field.”

(Getting Online research respondent from a community college)

As online learning increases, there is a growing need to share information and resources on promising practices in online learning.

In the Getting Online research, respondents often mentioned their desire to be able to learn from others about successful practices in online learning. They felt there was a steep learning curve for those new to online learning and also that the quality of online content and online facilitation would improve with such sharing. Some respondents mentioned that although they were keen to expand the online learning offered by their organization, they lacked the know-how about how to expand in terms of their knowledge of technology, online facilitation, or content development. As well, some respondents noted that it was difficult to know where they could access information and resources on how to improve in this emerging field of practice. The need for readily available training and resources on promising practices in online learning was often mentioned.

Some ways to learn about and share promising practices are to make good use of print and Internet resources, link with other organizations involved in online learning, join online networks, and attend online training events, workshops and conferences.

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