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Trends in Online Learning

Your Turn

It is now your turn! This section will help you to consider what you have learned in this online training module and apply it to your own situation. To extend your knowledge and to further help you with practical application, ask yourself the following key questions (and others that are appropriate for your particular situation).

  1. What trends do you see for online learning? Are they similar or different from the ones presented here?
  2. How might your organization best capitalize on trends in online learning for the benefit of your organization and those who will take your online training?
  3. Do you think online learning is positioned to grow in your organization? Why or why not?
  4. Does your organization effectively use online learning technology? Are there changes you could make to make to use technology more effectively?
  5. How could your organization use Web 2.0 technologies to create more collaborative and interactive learning environments?
  6. Have you experienced a shift in attitude towards online learning and technology – personally, amongst family and friends and in the workplace?
  7. In what ways could your organization provide instructors and content developers with improved support and training? What type of training and support could you provide internally and what type of training and support could be accessed from external sources?
  8. Does your organization actively support a culture of lifelong learning? If not, how could you work to increase this?

How might you increase your knowledge of promising practices in online learning? Or, if you already have some expertise in this area, how might you share your knowledge with others?

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